Publications on al-Aqḥiṣārī, Ḥasan Kāfī ibn Ṭarḫān, 1544‒1616 | 2

Die Chronologie der Werke von Ḥasan al-Kāfī al-Aqḥiṣārī

Karel Petráček

in Archiv orientální : Quarterly journal of African and Asian studies / Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic ; Ceskoslovenské akademie ved Orientální ústav


Ḥasan Kāfī al-Aqḥiṣārī and his "Niẓām al-‛ulamā' ilā ḵātam al-anbyā'" : A Facsimile Edition of Ms Bratislava TF 136 presented with an annoted Index

By Jan Just Witkam

in Manuscripts of the Middle East : a journal devoted to the study of handwritten materials of the Middle East / edited by Jan Just Witkam